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Treat Of The Day! Opia Ethiopian Coffee Label
Treat Of The Day! Opia Ethiopian Coffee LabelTreat Of The Day! Opia Ethiopian Coffee Bag

The Ancestor Of All Coffees.

Ethiopia is the birthplace and origin of all Coffee beans grown in the world!

Our Opia Brand is proudly grown in Ethiopia, by the very descendants of families who have grown coffee, ever since Kaldi(An Ethiopian goat herder), first discovered coffee's amazing qualities in the 9th Century.

Our Opia Arabica bean allows for Espresso and Mocha to be experienced in it's truest form. It's simply divine!

If you love Coffee Cakes, then our Medium Roast Opia makes real yummy cakes too.

Roasted from single source Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, this is one of the most exciting and fruity tasting coffees you will ever drink.

Because it is 100% Arabica, you can count on it being moderately lower on caffeine and higher on everything else that great coffee is about.

This is our Single Source Ethiopian Coffee. Single Source simply refers to the fact that these beans originate from Ethiopia, and only Ethiopia.

Our coffee beans are un-blended, and are Sahara Roasted (a process that is uniquely ours).

Un-blended, Sahara Roasted Ethiopian Coffee, allows you the coffee drinker, to enjoy and experience coffee in its truest taste and aroma!

Try it once, and you will never drink that other stuff...

Use French Press Method for best preparation results and taste.